Never has there been a time where the role of the Non-Executive Directors plays such a critical and important role within a business.

As custodians of the governance process, Non-Executive Directors are instrumental in challenging and contributing to the development of strategy, as well as providing oversight and scrutiny on the performance of management in meeting agreed goals and objectives.

Given the key role boards have to play and the heavy responsibilities they bear, organisations are becoming much more discerning about who they choose to sit on their boards. It is often difficult for companies to achieve the right balance between seasoned executive skills and “up and coming” senior talent, whose ambition it is to take up a Non-Executive Director’s role.

One of our core strengths is to assist companies achieve the optimal board balance, by partnering with them to attract the right calibre of senior executive to complement or add to the existing Board dynamic.

The Leaders in Non-Executive Director Recruitment

Non-Executive Directors fulfill a critical role on the Board of any company. Not only are they custodians of the Governance process, but they are tasked with the responsibility of making critical strategic decisions and for overseeing the management of a company, without the benefit of observing the business on a full-time basis.

Our network at the most senior level is unsurpassed, allowing us direct access to the most respected and seasoned Non-Executive Directors in the market, as well as up and coming executives aspiring to take up a Non-Executive Director position.

We have the reputation of carefully matching and formulating a shortlist of the most suitable Non-Executive Director candidates for our clients to consider. This requires a very clear understanding of our clients’ business and existing Boardroom dynamic, as well as knowing our candidates exceptionally well and their key capabilities.

Having the right mix of Non-Executives on the Board ensures a robust business model and mitigates against risk. People who understand business are able to ask the difficult questions, challenge the executive team on critical points, listen and advise sensitively, holding the best interests of the company and shareholders forefront of mind are all characteristics of a good Non-Executive Director.

We pride ourselves in being the leaders in Non-Executive Directors placements in South Africa.

We can help you find the perfect non-executive candidate today.