Africa is a diverse and culturally complex continent and requires an astute and carefully considered search assignment to unearth the ideal person for the job.

As more and more global firms look to Africa as a new frontier to expand their business footprint, BossJansen is well positioned as the leading partner in strategically sourcing the right leadership talent to successfully build capacity on the African Continent, no matter where your business is located.

Whether the requirement is for a local national or expatriate, we are adept at headhunting the best in market for our clients. Executives who are able to succeed in this challenging environment and get the job done are highly sort after and we pride ourselves in our ability to identify and attract these individuals, matching them to our client’s needs.

Besides being experts in the African marketplace we also move senior African talent into other world markets.

The African Leaders in Board, C-Suite and Non-Executive Director Search

We can help you find the perfect executive candidate today.